Welcome to FuMee!

FuMee (a playful word based on Futures Meeting but implying that our views of futures are somewhat fogged) aims to develop a disciplined exploration of the future and how the future plays a role in what happens. This means trying to clarify the nature of the future as both an active sense-making force and an anticipatory dimension of the present, with potentially important implications for the decision-making and choice-related questions that are at the heart of our collective actions (and inactions). 

FuMee works on the multi-faceted relationship of the present to the past and the future, aiming at unfolding both its visible and latent aspects. As a consequence, we have come to question the common view of “individual”, “linear”, “thin” presents, and began moving towards the ideas of “multiple”, “overlapping”, “thick” presents, unpacking existing perspectives and discovering new ways of setting and traversing the boundaries of the present. 

FuMee is focused on basic issues only, leaving discussion of futures methods to other events. The academic and professional aim of FuMee is to pursue critical analysis of the main conceptual components underlying Futures Studies at large and especially the Discipline of Anticipation, as well as the dawning of new, still dimly grasped concepts. The intention of developing a disciplined understanding of the future cannot but rely on the contributions arising from many different fields of knowledge.  Therefore FuMee’s efforts, quite naturally, build on the stimulating confrontation of diverse knowledge territories as well as look for most challenging recombinant models across disciplines.