Frequently Asked Questions

What is FuMee?
See home page and dedicated page.

How to participate in FuMee's activities?
Check upon the website page Next FuMee Workshop, see if it fits your timetable and expectations, and if yes, register.

How much does it cost?
Nothing in terms of registration fees, but each participant is expected to pay for his/her own expenses (travelling and staying expenses)

How to contact us in case you have other questions?
Please refer to the contacts page.

Is it possible to publish?
Yes, through the following sequence: submitting a paper, and if accepted, presentting it in the next workshop, acknowledging the outcome of the following debate and revising your paper; the best selected papers will be published in one of the major futures studies journal, leaving to your initiative, if it’s not the case, to submit your contribution to some other journals (numerous options), with the mention that it was submitted, accepted and presented in a FuMee workshop.