Past FuMee Workshops

FuMee V: The Discipline of Anticipation: Exploring Key Issues

9. - 10. Sep 2013

On Sept. 9-10, 2013, The FuMee Network will hold a conference at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland on the the topic "The Discipline of Anticipation". See full call.


FuMee IV: “Thick presents” and transition processes

5. - 6. Dec 2011

In the field of Futures studies, the present plays a pivotal role and yet it is often underplayed as non problematic, implicit or not even part of the exercise. The starting point for this workshop is that most phenomena, including changes to existing systems, manifest multi-temporal dynamics that build upon and crisscross the present in a variety of ways that include the inertia exerted by past events and the anticipations of future events and changes. One of the approaches that FuMee has been working on so far is the idea of a ‘thick present’, or pluralistic ‘presents’. Some aspects of the present can be characterized as unfolding, some as exhibiting a transitional nature, others as novel. The aim of FuMee IV is to explore all of these different elements of the thick present as well as the question of how such an enhanced understanding of the present could be related decision-making.